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I created a Lifeform Design worksheet and Russ is posting it in the player aids section. He asked me to give a little description on how to use it. You will need Excel to view the sheet which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. I will admit that I have only used it a few times myself so I may have not caught all the errors but most of the errors are generically explained when discovered. ;)


Basically, you should work top to bottom when designing your lifeform. Make your choices by typing numbers in the yellow boxes to indicate the choice under that category to the right. (For the tail selection I used Letters; Don't ask why...even I don't know). If there is a quantity that goes with the selection then use the blue box for that number. Pay attention to the right side of the form for error indicators. I tried to calculate arms and legs for claws etc., but did not thoroughly test it for every possible combination. Some errors may not appear. The code listing is on the other sheet which you can access by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the worksheet.


If any errors are discovered please email me and I will correct the sheet and resend it to Russ for reposting. I hope it helps.


P.S.: The version on the Yahoo site may be outdated. The version that Russ is posting is the most up-to-date version. B)

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Err...thanks for the sheet...but be warned that our foremost weaponscientists are convinced that your color scheming on the holo channels is indeed a nefarious attempt to hypnotize us all...just so you know we are on to you B)



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Moonshadow has just pointed out that I made an error on the lifeform design sheet. It is much appreciated....thank you very much.


The error: Long Life Cycle is missing the +2 Colonize bonus.

I am fixing it and re-sending it to Pete and Russ. If you would like to fix it yourself just choose Tools, Protection, Unlock Sheet on the codes sheet and type 2 in the appropriate column....then protect it again if you like.


Also, I changed the Tail Type to be a number instead of a letter to make it more uniform.

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