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Contacting the Orchids ...


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Greetings to the Orchid Empire!


The Barbarians at the Gate are delighted to declare First Contact with the Orchid Empire! Our exploration ships will remain on station at the Arrow Warp Point where it entered and venture no further for one turn.


We look forward to your communication at your earliest convenience.






PS If we receive no communication during this game turn, then we will believe the Orchid to be a dropped position and will act accordingly. (rubs hand together in anticipation)

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I wanted to clarify that last post of mine. The Regency considers the Arrow system part of our empire. The Ur-Lord is happy to open up negotiations and treaties with you, but the citizens of the Orchid Society have requested that we liberate them from their tyrannical rulers. As such, the Arrow system belongs to us. Feel free to PM me.

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