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Invasion and Defence sizes?


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Hey there, I'm currently playing in Game 73, and am currently planning a land based invasion. It's turn 6 or so in the game, and I was wondering how big you guys think an average sized attack force should be for a successful invasion, I'm building armored divisions, infantry divisions and tactical bombers. I'm also wondering what kind of defences I should be prepared for, I'm already counting on some fortifications, but I'm not really sure how big the average army is at this stage. Speculations and generalisations appreciated. Thanks guys, I'm sure together we can conquer a nation. (Which is a good thing, go team).


PS: I should add, I won't be attacking until turn 9 or 10ish.

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Hello Mystery,


In the beginning of the game, production of the armed forces of a nation differe very little. If your nation can have 20 divisions, so can an other country...


If you are attacking, you have to count the LDBs of a defending nation to the forces you can encounter.


Fortifications are rarely build by an active player... These are expensive in CPs to build. And CPs are in high demand for building nesessary airbases and industrie. Later is the game, when you nation is economically in shape, you can have some spare CPs... Computer controlled nations do build city fortifications, as the do not use the CPs for building many factories...


Hope this helps,



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You've got to get yourself some planes to go in on a tactical air strike as well, really. Not sure what tech you're running, but try for the best you've got at this stage of the game.


As for your mix of troops, go for the most powerful offensive forces you can assemble. Don't even think about the counterattack. Hopefully you'll come across an army straight away. In which case you'll do it some serious damage at once and those guys you brought along for their defensive capabilities will be a real pain. Also, infantry is limited movementwise. I like to find a balance between armoured divisions and Mech Inf. Others will no doubt disagree.


Be prepared to get bogged down in LDBs. You only need to come across one LDB in a province and all of a sudden you're stopped - even if you've got 18 tank divisions rolling towards them. It's one of the quirks of the game.

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