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If I scrap a ship, do I get 100% of the materials that it cost sent to the stockpiles?


Or is there some loss?


And, what is salvaged? Will it be in the form of computer systems, hull plates, weapons, engines, etc?


Or will it be reduced to steel, electronics, etc?



Same question for installations? Is 100% recycled or is there some loss?

Also, do you get construction materials put back in stockpiles? Or does it revert to steel/timber?





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It should be noted however that the materials do not appear in your stockpiles until after your shipyards run which means that if you issue a SHIP order and try and use materials from this scrap they will not be there yet and the order will fail. You will have to wait till the next turn to issue the SHIP order if you are planning on using those materials.

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Ok, here's a scenario.


Let's say it's a year in the future and I decide to scrap some early generation ships, which have MKI items on them. So, I scrap the ship, which returns the components to my stockpiles. Can I then scrap the components (which are now obsoleted) and convert them back to steel, electronics, etc?? Or will I be stuck with the obsoleted components, which are essentially useless?

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Nope, once you get down to componenet level then that is as far as it goes, at least with current tech. There has been some speculation that there may eventually be a recycling center or something, but who knows.


As you can see, if you are quick to build a lot of basic stuff you may wind up with large stockpiles of useless junk. Most items of war become outdated with advances, the exceptions to this are drone racks and fighter bays. With them it is only the fighters or drones that become antiquated. Most of your infrastructure stuff stays good forever like cargo bays, berthing units etc... at least as far as we know.



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Someday, in the far and distant future, you can rebuild those Mk I components into cannon-fodder screening ships.


I currently have 1 single ship of Mission Class B, 23 Non-Combat, 25 Mission Class X and Y, and 85 Mission Class L (light screen). I'm just stockpiling stuff for the day when I need warships.


(I feel safe in giving out this information since I don't have any neighbors.)

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