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Improved mining?


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I know that eventually, you develop improved stripmines, then advanced stripmines. The same goes for industrial complexes; there are improved IC's then eventually advanced IC's.


My question is, do we ever get improved iron mines? Improved lumber mills? Etc etc?


Or, to the best of current knowledge, are we stuck with standard mines/mills for the forseeable future?


I'm curious since I'm considering max'ing out my mines on the HW this turn. But, if we get improved and advanced versions eventually, I may hold out till the tech advances.


Comments anyone?



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I have not seen anything to indicate that improved mines are a future installation (of course at 6-months, I'm still relatively new to the game compared to many); even if there are such installations, your standard mine is cheap to build and would be worth maxing out as long as you have the pop to support it.

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