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Cities on the HW?


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I've build them on my HW but I think they'll only prove useful if someone were to attack my HW, especially with chemical/biological weapons, and thus reduce the number of casualties. Same with domed cities but better protection. Subterranean cities would be more difficult to get at (thus the word subterranean) and therefore offer a better defense. But this is all just my theory though. :rolleyes:


However, I wouldn't mind testing my theory on someone's HW...any volunteers? :lol:

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Would the completion of other installations (Imperial Zoo, Imperial Sports Arena, etc.) have any influence on pop growth? Has anyone experimented? What is the purpose of those installations?


Can I suggest an Imperial Orgytorium addendum to the rules? The effect would be to increase pop growth rate. 500 CM, 1power consumed, holds 100pops? Is that feasible?

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