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How many of us will use AstroSynthesis?  

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I have it, I use it, I like it.


I got tired of drawing over 200 combined systems by hand or via Visio (two neighboring empires) With high AP Warp Point Survey ships, those number of systems add up quickly....and that spaghetti map gets even crazier in 2d...


In a perfect world, we'd get actual coordinates.


I'm content with how it is, though.

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Bought it, started to play with it to use it, gave up for now. It's a bit buggy. For example, I could zoom in on a star. Closer, Closer, even closer .. and then you get so close something changes in the grid mathematics. The entire globe of space collapses into a displayed point which you can no longer zoom into or out of. And if you save it that way, god help you, your map is stuck and gone. Also, there is no way I can see of expanding the size of the star globe you start with. If you select 10 light years and find your stars are two crowded ... sorry, you're stuck. Unfortunately picking bigger sizes means it's virtually impossible to see your star map until you zoom in.


There are other items (all which they ARE working hard on to fix .. the programmer is doing a fine job of changes and repairs over time). So, I own it and I will use it as more features are added and bugs removed.

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To be fair, it is buggy.


I just like the visual so much that I grind through it and am used to closing the app and loading it again. The import feature bypasses a lot of the buggy editing.


Pete also made a great suggestion that seems to work: don't use spherical. The bugginess of zooming around seems to have dropped substantially since I've stuck with 'the box.'


Update on the whole coord thing....the project will take more time than I thought. Its pretty insane.


For now, I'm drawing a grid over my spaghetti map, labeling X,Y for each system (Z if it sort of 'ducks' under) and using them as my system coords.


It still beats the hell out of the old way and eliminates much of the spaghetti (looks more like uncooked spahetti now at least) :cheers:

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Feature wanted:

- automated layout with no crossing warplines and some reasonable spacing between systems.


If this is not in it, I stick to the simple graph layouting in 2D with some crossing overs, but

that is ok for now.



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  • 2 weeks later...

well... what i do best is planning... so.... i have planned to buy it. but as with all plans.... :blink:


added 25-jan:

I have bought it some weeks ago. its nice.

So I Am A :blink: fficial User Now.

i had to plan 3 systems and grew tired of it. :unsure: (muhahahaha<-evil laugh)

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