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What is the liklihood of getting a bit better selection of messages? Is there some limit to the number that we can have or were you just out of good message ideas when creating the order?


I have wanted to send messages several times and have found the slection to be quite limited.



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If memory serves (heck, there's a first time for everything!) when Pete instituted the MESS order, he asked for ideas on additional specific messages from the players. But I do not recall any being sent in by any of us at the time.


So, here is one sead of idea, just to get things started. While MESS can (and will) be used by everyone, the folks who will need it the most are those who choose to run xenophobic or otherwise uncommunicative races, and who have their "privacy option" turned on. For these folks, the MESS may be the only means of communication they allow themselves. Right now, two of the three available messages give out information that such players will not want anybody to have, making them useless. (OK, I confess. One of my possitions falls into this category. And, no, I will not tell you who they are. :rolleyes: ) So, here are some ideas:


"Advance no further into the territory of <<empire name>> and we can continue to live in peace."


"Stand down your forces now, or you will find yourself in a state of war with us, the <<empire name>>.


"Surrender now, and can retain control of the pitiful remains of your empire. But know that what <<empire name>> now occupies is ours from this time forward."


"<<empire name>> wishes to sue for peace! Please contact us at <<e-mail address>> to present your terms."


"We surrender! <<empire name>> grants recognition of your ownership all systems you currently occupy. May we live in peace from this day forward!"


"We accept no surrender! The only thing that <<empire name>> wants from you is a source of new host beings to lay our eggs in!"


Tony Ernest

(aka Arcane Services, Inc)

(not the evil, xenophic race in question!)

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