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All sample test-skirmishes seem to show that Gravitonic 'Tug' weapons simply 'crush' your enemy.....not 'capture' them.


It got me to thinking...do these rumors of ship capture hold any water? Or are they merely rumors?


Do you need Troop Shuttles to activite a 'pirate' sequence?


How does capturing a ship actually work in the game?


Does anyone have any specific information on this?

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Uncertain as to the mechanics of this. But --


I did have a 7,000 ton explorer ship (no weapons) get captured by a 3,000 ton NSI Corvette. And then on round 1 of the next turn, I moved into the space, the enemy had not moved, and I destroyed both the enemy corvette and now "enemy" explorer. (This was going to be part 2 of my Corvette battle storyline, but, I've had to little time to write it).


Anyway, I've lost one ship, captured by the enemy. I've never captured a ship. I've blown away plenty of unarmed scout ships (they've never surrendered).


If I had to guess, I would say there is a random chance which is impacted by your type of weapons used and other ship factors like speed, sensors, and the like. For example, weapons that "stun" a crew may increase the chance. Others may decrease the chance.


So this is no myth. It does, rarely, occur.

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:cheers: ** NAVAL BATTLE REPORT **

----- xxxxxx[ G (Yellow) 2 V ] [single Star] - Warp Point 57361 -----

** Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Order of Battle **

The Sh-Lakk Mindsphere # 841 [A Great Sun, Brightly Illuminating A Solar System]

1013th Gh-Rach [ROE: R] *Column Attack* (Fleet Tonnage: 138,000)

Cargo Bays: ... 30,000 ...

--------------------[Deploy Location 7] 3 FS Gi-Las (Fleet Scout - 46,000 tons [each])----------------------------------


Fire Control: Fair .. Maneuverability: Lumbering .. Sensors: Average .. Shields: None .. Structural Integrity: Average

11,100 Standard Hull Plate .... 3 Type A Defense Screen

** Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Order of Battle **

The Eyre # 2335 [Jolly Roger On A Black Background]

Fleet 605 [ROE: Z] *Column Attack* (Fleet Tonnage: 265,300)

--------------------[Deploy Location 7] 1 AUXH Starwing (Heavy Auxiliary - 265,300 tons [each])-------------------------

Fire Control: Minimal .. Maneuverability: Nimble .. Sensors: Blind .. Shields: Feeble .. Structural Integrity: Sturdy

2,000 Energy Dispersion Armor Coating .... 10 Light Sonic Disruptor (Sonic) .... 100 Light Stun Beam (Sonic) .... 50 Mk I

Deflector .... 50 Mk I Force Shield .... 25,000 Titanium Composite Armor .... 10 Type A Defense Screen

An Eyre ship vaporizes three Sh-Lakk Mindsphere scouts. Unbeknownst to the enemy, in fact your ship destroyed two of the

enemy vessels and captured the third.





This one? :cheers:

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Troop shuttles and cargo barges are defunct items according to pete. Ie they have no value in the game for now. I assume they will be coded to something useful when Pete gets to it on his "Fix This" list.




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Thanks for the reply Locklyn, that was something I was not aware of.


Guess everything I know about this game has increased to 11%!



I suspect it is unlikely we will know even 10% of this game until years from now. As we learn more, I think more depth is added. Probably not as fast as we collect knowledge, but I think the game is becoming deeper with time. At least, that is my hope....


Octus Imperium


(Awaiting a turn in a lonely hotel room (*!@ consultant meetings on weekends!) on the east coast as it gets later and later. I REALLY don't want to do work on the plane home tomorrow evening.....)

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