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Hydro potential

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So if you find a world with a 200 or better rating you will be able to generate

as much power as a fission or fusion plant using the same CM's. Plus you

have the bonus of not having to use resources to power the facilites or worry too

much about disaster should that part of the game be implemented as Im sure it will

one day.

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Of course those of us with 1150 Hydro Potential can run our entire planet on 8 hydro plants. a tremendous savings on construction materials.


Also. it is a good first power plant to drop on a new colony. Only 250k CM and worse case you still get 1000 power without needing coal/radioactives/water, etc.

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Hm. We seem to think 'bigger'. Of course, our sociologists have noticed that insectoid races tend to be more concerned with efficiency than convenience, as opposed to you mammalians.

Our current favorite is the Fusion Plant. Drop enough CMs for that and a Water Purification Plant and the colony is probably set forever. Of course, part of that is because every planet we've found worth colonizing has a high water yield.

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"Slight risk of epic disaster..." :P


Have you ever encountered this Krelnett?

Nope. Oh, and for completeness' sake, we have 21 plants on our HW, to cover all our mines, stripmines, etc. and enough left over to completely power all 300 shipyards.

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