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Low WP Number


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On the last turn we successfully surveyed WP #11 :robot:


I had always thought that the low WPs would be in the galactic "core" with numbers gradually increasing as it spirals outwards. But it would seem that all the systems and WP numbers are probably already assigned on a random basis throughout the galaxy. So the SN galaxy must be finite!


My highest WP number is about 157000. My systems have an average of just over 3 WPs each, which makes 50,000 systems. I am betting that each starting position has maybe 50 systems which it can lay claim to, which gives us 1,000 empires. Does this seem about right?


I am guessing that (including dropped positions) perhaps 400-500 empire start-ups have already been taken. So I wonder what happens when we get 1,000 and the "House Full" signs go up? Possibly a good time to start SN III :thumbsup:

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You are assuming the WP numbers are consecutive.

Yes! Is there any logic to the GM leaving gaps in the sequence?


My theory is based on the assumption that when the game was set up, all the warp points were assigned a number. The numbers however appear to bear no relation to the WPs position or its difficulty.

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Or, what if the WPs' have a random number ranging from 1 to 1,000,000?

I seem to recall something about the galaxy being expandable at GM moderation. The arguement was that a new player three years from now could start in a system that had not been explored by someone else or have a Uber-ship with Mk XXX Ultimate Spitwad of Destruction parked in orbit.

But, I might be wrong and it's all a figment of my imagination. I think it might be in the old message boards.


Lord Uriel

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Uriel & Paradigm...


We know the highest known WP is in the region of 157,000. To my mind this does leave the GM with a finite number of WPs and a maximum for the current universe. If the Universe is expanded at a later date then maybe we will start coming across numbers somewhat higher than this.


As to the mechanics of WP numbering, who knows!!! Perhaps numbers for WPs are only assigned as they are discovered, with the program seeking out an unadopted (random) WP number each time. If that was the case then we wouldn't know how many WP numbers had been discovered but we would still know that the upper limit in the current universe (without expansion) is around 157,000.

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Is that true for all variables in the game, such as stockpile items? I know I have had 500,000,000 raw stockpiled at one time, which is approaching 1/4 of that max integer.

Not everything, but 4-byte long int is used for warp points. Some use doubles, to avoid issues with particularly large values.

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