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Welcome to Victory!


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Hello to new and old players alike!


Victory! has been running for years now and continues as a popular wargame :) Visit all of the Victory! forums here and don't hesitate to ask questions and participate.


A few common topics to discuss:


Getting into a game


Victory! games generally start every few months (watch this forum for game start news). You can submit your game registration at any time. Once we have 30 or so registrations in hand, we will generally begin the setup process (assigning nations, etc.). A full game of Victory! has 40 players but we've always found that the games fill out quickly once the setup process has begun so you can expect a full slate of victims...ah...nations to compete against :lol:


All that you need to do to register for a new game of Victory! is send in your list of nations (those you are willing to play - with the most desirable nation at the top of the list), the technology you'd use with each nation (were you to be set up as that nation) and your general information (name, account number, etc.). If you have any special instructions (privacy option) or notes (getting in with friends, signing up for a specific game, etc.) - include those as well.


Field of Battle


Victory! features 40 nations competing for dominance on a map centered on Europe with areas of North Africa and the Middle East included as well. The United States and Canada are also represented. All nations begin at the same time and from there on...the struggle begins!


Multiple Nations


You can play in as many games as you wish but you may only run a single nation in a given game.


War and Peace


Victory! is a wargame, pure and simple. The first two turns will be peaceful but after that...war is inevitable and, for the most part, will be continuous until the end of the game (73 turns/game). Politics is generally heavy in the early going as alliances form then the tanks will start rolling...


Victory! Turn Entry Program


There are some readme files that come with the turn entry program download, but if you still need help or have any problems installing the entry program on your system, by all means contact us and ask for assistance.


Once again, welcome to the game and we hope you have a great time playing! B)

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