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Long the poor sister to the otherwise-identical Nuclear Jump Drive, the Fusion Jump Drives have some odd entries in the master Items data table. Their costs were that of a 1,000 ton item, but they were listed as 5,000 tons each. Also, their Jump Drive Output figures were of the same ratio as the Nuclear Jump Drives, making them pointless to build (larger in tonnage, thus burning more Fuel on Warp Point transitions, but with no greater JD Output). I've gone through the Fusion Jump Drive listings and edited their values to the correct figures.


Mk I Fusion Jump Drive - 1,000 tons - 1,000 Improved Steel - 1,000 Improved Electronics - 1,000 Improved Synthetic Materials - 1,000 Rare Elements - 1,000 Improved Processed Radioactives - 10,000 Jump Drive Output


This gives the Mk I the same effectiveness as before (10 JD Output per ton), but drops its tonnage from 5,000 to 1,000 tons. That's the usual 5:1 cost-to-final-tonnage ratio that almost every other item enjoys.


If you have ANZ'd any superior versions of the Fusion Jump Drive (Mk II, Mk III etc) let me know the turn that you ANZ'd it and I'll give you the updated stats on those. Fusion Jump Drives are more efficient than their Nuclear counterparts as they rise in tech level, which is a good thing considering the research investment needed to obtain them :thumbsup:


There were only a very few ships in the game that had Fusion Jump Drives designed into them - I've edited the total tonnage of those designs downward to reflect the correct 1,000 ton figure of the Fusion JD's.


If you've researched, or are researching, the Mk III Nuclear Jump Drive instead of moving to the Fusion line, and want to switch, let me know and I can apply the appropriate # of research points over to the next Fusion Jump Drive you can research. Note that Nuclear Jump Drive research is still quite viable as they are considerably easier to research (so you gain efficiency faster in real time, but you don't gain as much as with Fusion Jump Drives as they advance...more slowly).


By the way, all of your former Fusion Jump Drive designers have been fired for coming up with an engine that has a whopping five times the Fuel burn than they should have had. It turns out they were in league with Fuel Refinery officials in a massive scandal that rocks the Fuel industry from top to bottom. B)

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After receiving this news, our parliament started an investigation. The minister of Energy has fired all refinery CEO's and CFO's and launched a program to diminish our dependency on fuel refineries. Skimming fuel is the future for our republic.

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Guest Zy'lar'isa

Ok, but this only makes a Mk I Fusion Jump Drive the equal of the same tonnage worth of Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive, just harder to build. Not a better engine. Heck Mk II Nuclear Jump Drive outdoes the Mk I Fusion JD when compared tonnage wise.


Should not the power to tonnage ratio of the MK I Fusion Jump Drive be BETTER than the Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive??




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The way the techs work are as follows (take Nuclear Engines for Propulsion)


MK I Nuke --> MK II Nuke (500 thrust) to either MK III or MKI Fusion


Both MK I Fusion and MK III NUke are the same in thrust output. The clear indication from this is that the Nuke Tech tree will eventually end (let's assume it's at MK IV for ease) which would mean that you could do MK III and then MK IV but you would stop there.


Switching over allows you to move up the Engine Tree to the theoretical stopping point of 4 levels (it is actually higher) which means you could get MK IV Fusions which would be equivalent to MK VI Nuke Engines (if you could build that high).


Also The Fusion tree might give you some additional tech trees...



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Mad, I believe Zy' was talking about Jump Drives and not Engines...and he does have a point. Currently the Mk II Nuclear Jump Drive gives an Output of 1,200 while it weighs 100 tons, therefore, a 12-1 ratio. However, the Mk I Fusion Jump Drive gives an Output of 10,000 and weighs 1,000 tons, therefore, a 10-1 ratio. Only thing I can think of is that the Fusion Jump Drives will out perform the Nuclear Jump Drive as they get better. Also, research-wise, the Nuclear Jump Drives will probably be easier to research than the Fusion Jump Drives. Just my two cents. :o



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