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Attention vasseaux des AAKKENs:


You have entered the sovereign space of les Kazarim. Please hold your present position.


Capitaine Pierre Le Moyne,

Commandant du la Flotaille Spatiale 9001, "Chercheur X"




Greetings to the crews of the two Vessals of the race calling itself the AAKKEN, #1571:


I have been instructed by my government to wish your race peace and good will on behalf of all of the Kazarim. Mayor of the Palace Hector Plantard has instructed me to extend to you the hand of friendship and he invites you to begin formal negotiations for trade and peaceful co-existence.


We have tracted you ships for some time but have been unable to contact you due to technical problems on our Home World. We have remained in our position in an effort to avoid provocative actions that might be misinterpreted as hostile. We have contacted you because we now have offical instructions from the Admiralty.


You have entered a system which is sovereign. The system you seem poised to jump into is also sovereign. Please hold your present position pending further negotiations.


I have instructed Capitaine Lemoyne to stand down his current status of alert and we shall not initiate hostilities provided our territorial sovereignty is respected.


We await your response.


Ambassadeuse Marilynne Guidrie

Kazarian Remnant of Nova Austrasia


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