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Hi all,


I have a question about NEWF, RN and what happens to fleets that no longer have ships in them.


Let's say I have fleet number 301 with 1 Pathfinder. I also have fleet number 302 with 1 Pathfinder at the same location as fleet 301.


If I transfer the Pathfinder from #301 to #302 (using the RN order), is Fleet 301 deleted (since now there are zero ships in it)? OR, does it continue to exist at the last location a physical ship was actually present at?


If, on a later turn, I build a ship and assign it to fleet 301 (which no longer appears on the "Fleet Report" printout), will I get some kind of error message saying I can't do that because that fleet exists at a different location (even though there are no ships currently assigned to it)?


I'm just trying to keep my fleets in sequence and had merged one fleet into another, leaving the first fleet with no ships. However, I'd like to reuse the same number.





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Prospective, you're correct.


A fleet will remain in existance even if there are no ships in it, and yes, if you were to try and put ships into it (and the fleet isn't at your ship yard) you'll get an error message- been there, tried it.


You can of course delete the fleet.

But it will still build the ship and put it into a new fleet, won't it?



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