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The Boo Consulate wishes to set forth publically its sovereign claims to varrious systems so that there will be no future ambiguity and/or accidental hostilities between the Boo and hapless explorers.


Many of the races scattered and isolated during the Dark Age are emerging from their nesting planets and have begun the noble task of rediscovering our galaxy. The Boo are wholeheartedly in favor of these efforts. Indeed we recognize the right of all peaceful spacefarers to travel and explore neutral space. All races and regimes are not, however, peaceful and just as they were the cause of galactic civilization's decline in the last era, so do these agents of chaos now prawl the abbyss seeking easy prey. Hense the necessity of territoriality and of an effective border police fleet.


The Boo have explored the following systems:












Of these Systems the Boo Consultatum claim IDER, CEBRIONES, COLIGNY, FREMI, GOZHISLAV, and TORSHILO. WE ask that anyone entering these sovereign systems please first seek authorization to so do. This is especially true of our Home System of IDER where we maintain active border defenses. Any unauthorized ships will unfortunately be presumed hostile and destroyed.


Authorization will be negotiated on a case by case basis but we ask that all kindly respect our sovereignty. As reciprocity is the essence of universal law, we would encourage all other spacefaring sentients to provide the galaxy with a list of their sovereign claims and the applicable protocals for authorized entry therein.


We hope that this small announcement will ultimately facilitate commerce and peaceful intercouse between the Boo and our neighboring spacefarers.


In Peace,

Boo Consulate

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