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T'Aleen Empire

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:blush: Standing here in my office looking out my window and up at the stars in the night sky....


I Tyean Corrella, leader of my people wonder of the fate of all those now silent voices in the near past of that now silent grouping. We still search for many of those races, to put a face to the voices. We have actually pleasently encountered a few of them surprissingly, but still seek more of them. The Galaxy is a large place, and being in the galactic Core as we are...seemingly a empty one as well too. Oh we have met some neighbors and have formed alliances with them, but space still seems so vast and void to us. We seek only peaceful co-existance with all of our neighbors, but are not affraid to defend either ourselves or our allies from aggressors too.


We have also noted that alot of the intelligent races that have reached the stars are decended from some insect type. There are few races like our own FAE kind. We continue to search the stars for more neighbors and seek to only extend our hands in friendship and co-operation for the benefit of all our collective races.


:wub: A lone figure of a FAE opens his window to his office and looks out on to his beautiful planets surface and begins to play a instrument (the sounds of a lone flute playing a haunting lonely melody simular to records of old Earth's Native American music). The music drifts down from the tower and can be heard across the valley by all in the night, making all that hear it look up and look at the stars in the night sky with a longing to explore space...

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