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Question about turn submission to Russ/Pete


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While I realize that this is probably not the best time to post this question to you (if you aren't feeling well), it's in my mind right now. If I wait, I may forget it.


Anyway, my question is whether or not turn-around time is improved when players submit their turns earlier than just before the Wednesday midnight deadline? Do you work on them and "get them into the system" as they arrive? Or, do you hold off on any actual processing until first thing Thursday morning?


Typically, when I do my turn submission, I wait until I get home from work on Wednesday. That way, I can do a "final check" to try to eliminate any errors/mistakes that have crept in that I have missed in previous error checking. BUT, if it would speed up the turn around time, I bet I could get it in on the weekend preceeding the due date.


So, can player's help to speed up turn processing in any way?



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Early submission for regular turns is not a factor in speeding up the process on this end. If there are problems that have to be resolved or if you have new setup then it does help if you get those in sooner rather than later.


Pete usually starts on the actual turn processing early Thursday morning so if you have your turns in by then you are in good shape. Sometimes you can get them in later in the day Thursday and have them included but there are no guarantees - it depends where Pete is in the process at that point (he does make a last minute check before he gets past the point of no return).



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