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How To Survive after a Set Back

Guest Spongebob

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Guest General Spongebob Squarepants

Hi everyone.


This is just a general question and not linked to trash talking the enemy. Its a genuine questions so i would appreciate more experienced players views and thoughts.


I had 19 Divisions (GB) in enemy terratory after just capturing a province. I think to myself, im onto a winner here when bang, 17 Divisions attack me (GR) and because my retreat loaction was captured before my force is cut off and is wiped out. The enemy lose around 12% on each division.


Now i dont think i am giving anything away here when i say this leaves me up the swanny river without a paddle. But how do you come back from such a defeat, if at all its possible.

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I don't know if there is ever an easy way to recover from a decisive defeat. What areas do you still have an advantage over your opponent. air,naval, total allies, terrain. You need to probably surrender some territory to your enemys advance. I would caution against over-spending on ldbs. While insuring you have at least one in every city and province you occupy. If your ememy has airborne capabilities you may want to spend more. Can you trade land for time. What terrain will benefit you in defense. Take advantage of any opportunity to counter-attack while not allowing your primary force to become significantly engaged. Build fighters for fc.attack his supply lines.build laa/haa. Use dmog's to the fullest extent, insure you are supplied for attack and withdraw.

Your best hope lies in your total allies and what assistance they can provide.

Pay attention to every order checking for errors and sequence. We've all been where you are.

Good Luck

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Adding to woodswalker:


1. Cede somelocations to TA's not at war with your enemy. Blocking him of for a little while.

2. Only counter attack when you have a significant advantage.

3. Destroy his supply lines.

4. Do build many LDB's, special there where you want to draw the line in the sand.

5. Build fortifications and make sure yuor troops make best use of them.

6. Try not to make this mistake again!

7. Be sure not to tell every one. :drunk:

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Learn from your mistakes, :woohoo:


Try to regroup, if he leaves the army group he attacked you with together, he can only capture one provience a turn, then the city a turn and so forth. Time can be on your side, but you must use it wisely.... :blink:


If he splits it up they will be easier to counter attack..


Do not spend your money on armor if you are going to be defending cities, use them only to counter attack, especially if you have lousy ameriacn or british armor at this point in the game. Build a inf divisions in supplied cities and build fortifications and put them on dd, to inprove there defensive value. :laugh:


Best of all keep attacking his army group with airstrikes, this will wittle down his strength.


BUt for your small country hopefully youe allies can assist you with more airstrikes and intel. :cheers:


If not there is always next game..... :drunk:


DezertCamel :oops:

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if you have lost soo many divisions.. then it is the end...


no recovery what so ever....


especially in the beginning of the game...


only thing you can do is destroy your industry.... put ranger in every major city which is about to fall...


and make your capital your fortres... put inf on DD.. get interceptors above.. and get your fortifications in order....


oh and pour every resource you have to that location..


indeed crawl back to your last city.... by doing this you are buying time.. time in which others might come to the rescue and still keep some production going...

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Grimor it sounds like you speak from recent experience. B)


All the points outlined are very good. They will help to extend your countries life if used in the correct situations. The big thing is that you need to access the situation from the ground up. Do you have excess territory you can give up to by time? If so, go with the one ldb per province and city and ceding tactics. This will help to delay the enemy. If you don't, its time to build max ldbs and place the rangers in the cities. You will slow the enemies advance and make it uncomfortable for him to control your territory.


For building a defensive army that you want mobile, go with MOTOR. In all techs it costs less than Mech and has the same defense rating. If your plan is to keep getting hit in the fields, this is the cheapest and best (in my opinion) method.


If you have excess armor points, you always have the option of building older divisions to save on money and points. Later in the game, you can get more units for less. They are not the best in power but they will halt an enemy advance very nicely. That was the old Soviet battle strategy, cheap units and lots of them.


The lessons to learn from this are two fold.


1. Have a good bombing force(s). This will help whittle the enemy down as they advance and by you time.


2. Don't place all you eggs in one basket. Having a 18 div stack is nice but having a reserve force in place in case of its loss can be invaluable. The reserve force is your next line of defense and will make bouncing back less of a daunting task.

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