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Hello all,


The special advance start game is getting close to setting up - we could use another half dozen or so players. If you are interested...contact Russ asap so we can get this one going :cheers:


This game will start on Tech Period 25 and all nations will have higher than normal stockpiles. AIR, ARM, CP, FUEL, MUN, GEN starting stockpiles will all be 25x normal. In addition, the national treasury will start out at $250,000 and all nations will have 4,960 SHIP added to their starting total (resulting in a 5,000 SHIP stockpile for most nations). The turn cycle interval will be 14 days. All game mechanics are the same.


All other starting information will be the same (units, resource stockpiles, etc.) as for a normal game of Victory! Since you are beginning on TP 25...combat and general mayhem :taz: will be possible right out of the gate (although this should be very limited on your 1st turn cycle since nobody will have any offensive units available yet) and you'll have the option of submitting up to 90 orders a cycle as well. All in all...a very different way to begin a game of Victory! :lol:


The special game will be an accelerated one (beginning on TP 25 and ending on TP 73 as per normal game rules) and thing should get interesting very quickly. The winning player or players of this game will receive the "Free Victory! Game option" prize that was instituted with Game # 70 :cheers:


So...if you are interesting in trying something new or if the game you are in now is getting close to the finish line - jump in this one. Should be exciting :taz:



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