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I want to post a picture (WWII airplane), within a post, but I don't know how.


I keep trying to get the forum to look at my computer's files (like for when it asked about my avatar picture), but it says I need a URL, or somethingorother...



I don't know how to do these things. I'm very compooter stoopid.


Can someone explain to me - in easy to understand terms - how one goes about achieving this? If it helps, my operating system is WinME.


Thank you



Krysia's Krusader

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With an URL they actually mean that your picture that you want to use is actually on another website. The reader of the post can't see the difference if that pic is loaded from some other location than the message board.


example: URL: http: //www.mywebsite.com/mypic.gif


If you use a payed broadband connection your provider will allow you to have a small webspace in most cases . Contact your internet provider for information about this.


Next you have to take attention that the images you want to use are in between some sizes

and document formats like .jpg or .gif. Personally I use Adobe Photoshop to adjust my images, but any other photosoftware can do.


For your avatar (the little pic left under your name) it has to be 64 pixels by 64 pixels in size (maximal) and no larger than 20 KB.


Other Images, like I used in my signature are smaller then +/- 150K in that case you prevent long loading times. It is just a lot of experimenting before you get handy in this. But when you can make your own images and signs it is a lot of fun. On most boards you can also use images in regulary posts. But always keep the image size down, otherwise it will only bother other people.


Have fun!


NB: If you really like to use that WW2 airplane pic, I will help you out. Sent that pic to me, and I will adjust it so it will fit. In the mean time, while you are getting info from your provider, I will place it on my webspace. Just mail me.

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"trembling dead enemies" ?? Is it an oxy-sequitur?


If you mean a Non sequitur,

I don't see why a body that is just ripped to parts can't tremble for some seconds after the victim died. But I don't think I am going to get my medical encyclopedia to make a complete explanation of this symptom. :drunk:

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