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Resetling Population?


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Probably an obvious answer to this quesuestion but then you never know. So here it is:



If player A has province and city Y. Player B has X and Z and is split by Y can Player B Resetle Pop from X to Z through Y like cargo. Or would Player B need to find another way around even though Player A is a TA. :cheers:


I'm thinking you should be able to and it seams obvious but want other input on this to be sure. :P

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Thanks Norbert :thumbsup:


Ya, I'm thinking it should work to. I guess what I was looking for was some one who has accualy had to do some thing like that to comfirm it will work. My apologies, I should have been more clear about that. I had found out earlyer about the country to country not being possible, but thanks again for that. :cheers:

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