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What Open Fire range has given you the best results?  

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Is there a answer to this question or are other variables more important?  This poll assumes enemy ships of equal speed and armament.  More simply put; In a Bismark to Bismark battle what Open fire range would you choose?




There are a lot of factors that come into play in most range decisions: Tactics, gun range, armor penetration, target armor, rate of fire and speed (firing platform and target). The composition of the expected enemy force and their anticipated actions are also big factors.


Generally speaking, I'd probably set the open fire range at 24,000 yards if a Bismarck class BB was my primary firepower and give it a "maintain range" tactic. The Bismarck is fast enough to close the range in a reasonable time frame and 24,000 yards gets you just inside the worst armor pentration range (24,001 to 32,000) and also allows the Bismarck's secondary armament to fire. Rate of fire is better as the range drops and goes way up if you can get and keep your 'maintain range' position so you'll improve your chances at hitting and not burn through your munitions with long range, low probability sniping.


In a single ship vs ship duel (Bismarck vs Bismarck) I'd probably open fire sooner (maybe 30K yards) and have tactics that keep my ship 'closing' - hoping to land a few shots on the way in as I close the range. As the range drops the ROF will go up, hit chances improve and secondary armaments get in range and it would depend on who has the better gunnery. A secondary explosion or two (critical hits, fire, etc.) may well decide the outcome although the chances would be low in such a battle (no armor penetration) and the battle would probably end with both sides out of munitions and beat up.


Well...that's one opinion anyway :blush:



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I didn't vote because my choice wasn't there also. I set my open fire range at 1000 yards furthur than my opponents' biggest CA gun, and I always try to target lesser ships 1st (easier to sink and can cause opposing commanders to flee the engagement quicker) because nothing is easier than shooting at fleeing ships.

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