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I am getting ready to start my first game of Victory! (although I am a veteran PBMer coming off a long hiatus) and am looking for some general guidance for the first few turns. The rules are a bit daunting, especially regarding logisitics. Any advice from the veterans out there? Any key things to make sure you do (or don't do) to prevent major blunders? Thanks!

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1. Read the rules adendum, very important changes in there. At least IMHO.


2. When in doubt on something, ask Russ. Russ gives awesome answers to questions.


3. Remember any contact with other players is always diplomacy. If you are in central europe and a neighbor nation tells you he is looking forward to a united central europe....make sure he is including in that.


4. Do not assume.


5. Do not assume your oponent(s) will assume.


6. Many experienced players will offer to take you under their wing and use you for cannon fodder. While this can be a good way to learn, be watchful of it. If you choose to allow this, fine. Just be aware of it.


7. If you come with a new tactic...don't share it. Look at how you will defend against it when your enemy figures out its a good tactic and uses it on you.


8. Alliance is just another way to say 'Not yet, later." Total alliance is just another way of saying "Maybe later, maybe not."


Thats a good start for ya.

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Hi and welcome to Victory!



I'm pretty new myself. Played 16 cycles in game 74 (8 months real time). So I'm probably a good adviser for your question(s).



I'll add some things, apart from what Beltira said...


Yea. There are a lot of rules to remember. You'll need a good memory at first, but after a while, some things will become habitual, and you'll only refer to them, when doing some specialty type of actions.


- You'll have to understand the logistics end. No way around it.

Nice, shiny tank divisions, get slaughtered when they have no MUN and/or FUEL. Your air force can't be deployed unless you have bases (air) to fly from. (Don't laugh. I've seen one veteran player try to build 98 submarine pens in an inland city, and then try to stage medium bombers from it.) You can't amalgamate conquered industrial territory unless you use AIC's. The factories need CP's in place to be built. Reasources (HVY, LGT, COAL, PET) have to be railed all around, and population needs FOOD, etc.


- Get the basics down pat (OMG missions, OMA missions, MCR orders).


- Don't focus on too much of the candy (rangers, fortifications, any naval stuff, etc.).


- Make a friend (a real one) in game. After that, make another one. Start making friends now - before the game starts.


- What you see in the "Propaganda Ministry" is nothing. It doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, concerning how the particular game is unfolding. All the workings, that drive the alliance blocks/players in a Victory! game, happens behind the scenes.


- Start talking (telephone, e-mail) with your friends about the game: What works, what fails, and why. This will teach you the most, and is the fastest way to learn. Be a communicator. Be cheerful. Be funny.


- Once you know which country your playing: With your freinds - get a game plan going. Flush it out from the begining. But have a contigency. You'll soon learn that you'll have to adapt to changing circumstances.


- Don't look too far, strategically. The guys on the other side of the map, will take years to get to. Secure your own borders first.


- Be it known that: You will never be able to quickly switch all your momentum from one front to another, in quick fashion. Once you start heading one way, it is infinitly easier to keep going in that general direction.


- Plan your logistics, in accordance to your game plan. (If I had done so myself, I'd have been twice as far as am now.)


- Forget putting much (if any) effort into a navy. All the things you'll read about this, in this forum - are proving to be true.


- In the very begining: Quantity is far superiore to quality. SS PZ II's (or their equivilant) look real slick. But for the same price, you can get 50% more in MOT divisions. And these will hurt the SS unit, should they attack it.


- Never underestimate your enemy. Always assume he knows where your forces are (there are many ways for him to find out).


- Learn to appreciate the lowly TR aircarft.



Krysia's Krusader

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Guest General Spongebob Squarepants

There is only one option in your first game DIE.... be it turn 5 or 55, its the only way your gonna learn the cold hard truth

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recon planes are good and cheap intel in the beginning... use them with a tactical airstrike.. so you now what units the enemy has... also get 1 fighterplabe and set him on fightercover or intercept... then when you need the defence.. you can build multiple air units in it .. who are immediatly on the cover mission (otherwise it takes 2 turns)


then well... guess the rest depends on your country and your personal gaming style... I mostly attack on turn 3.. that is the turn when you sent in the orders for turn 3 so on turn two.. get it :pirate2:


I try to move in with mot divisions on multiple provinces.. you could even attack with cav the first turns... as mostly then there are not too many ldb's defending...


But best is to wait and see what happends...

you could have the luck that two countries fight to the death and you step in to save the day for both of them... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

and if a neighbour does not offer an all then the best guess is that his troops are on your border... or on there way...

to counter an invasion I would say drop 2 statics in the border provinces on DD defence.. that will stop small assalts.. then keep a large stack .. close to counter and a small unit for an encirclement ( you could get lucky :alien: ) problem is that you have to move the statics on turn 1... then they will be ready for the turn 3 wars...

that is tricky as you are not always sure from which side the enemy comes.. also your key cities will be undefended...

otherpeople transform the statics into mot ...


bombers are your best friends and worst enemies... so buy them the TAS kind.. unless in defence and there is no option build out your fighters...


now you also got to decide what to build in your country.. because you got lots of unemployed people there... it all depends where and what you play.. air is good if there are large distances involved... but for a quick kill in the beginning it could be usefull to build arm factories and dismantle your heavy factories... so you will outproduce your neighbour... also get some extra supply factories.. your units will consume gen's every turn and moslty also mun and fuel as you will give them life fire training orders.. you do want too have as less green troops as possible


check the alliances of your enemy.. if they have a TA.. then you can bet your %$# on it that it is highly possible a border province is ceded to that TA to prevent you from invading.... well declare war to him you think.. then you look again and you see you got an alliance with the new owner of that province... bye bye plans of attack...


know the supply lines of your enemy.. where they ship there food and other stuff.. as it can be handy to bomb those rail points... mostly it is never done as bombing army units is priority 1...


get your self the setups from your neighbours.. by trading or asking nicely on the forums.. know the weak spots of your enemies...


naval.. well too expensive.. and sinks too quick.... but not before they sometimes have leveled your main port city.. so be prepared to repell them...



also no turn is the same... one turn you think you have won the day and on the next defeat is closeby... so keep an openmind.. euhmm if possible :woohoo:

and do not day dream to much about smashing this or that country.. it will take longer then you might expect...


have fun and welcome to your new addiction...

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