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I believe that Pete changed the official deadline to Saturday the 13th so you've got extra time this cycle and the following cycle will be a little shorter so planning as much as possible for the next two turns might be a good idea this cycle.


With Pete not getting back to the 14th you've actually got the whole weekend to plan. Pete usually makes a final check for turns before he passes the processing point where orders are either in or not so you can often get them in at the last minute if you are running late. Shoot for getting them in on the 13th and you have the 14th in case problems develop.


I'll be pulling turns and sending out receipts as normal - if you haven't received a receipt by late Sunday night or early Monday morning then you should resend to be on the safe side (include a note with the email to let us know that it is conditional resend). There is no problem with submitting a turn then later submitting an updated version - just make sure to let me know that the new file is a replacement for a previous upload and try not to do it too often. Clearing out old versions and replacing with new is a manual process and, although I do my best to be error free, giving me too many opportunities to make a mistake has some inherent danger :ninja:





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