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I am fairly new here and I hope this is the right place to put this. I guess my question is what is a resonable turn around on turn recieved / turn processed / turn returned?


Do turns get processed on the weekend?


If not, how soon would we expect a Saturday/Sunday turn?


Basicly I am looking for a general Idea when do I start to panic when I have not recieved my turn back.





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Hi Juana,


I normally run on a couple day offset on Victory! Sun/Mon/Thur are days that I normally either take off or work on admininstrative and/or special projects so you can normally expect Sat/Sun turns up by Tuesday evening. Mon/Tue turns are usually up by Wednesday evening, Wed/Thurs turns by Friday evening and Friday turns by Saturday evening (all Mountain times [GMT-7]).


If I'm running behind for some reason these times might slip by a half day or so but usually no more than that unless I'm either deathly ill or I'm having some sort of major technical problem. So...for a Sat/Sun turn the time to worry is usually Wednesday morning.


I'm ok so Sat/Sun turns should be up this evening.



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