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Hi Guys,


Just to let you know - Hotmail (and msn.com as well) are giving me trouble and bouncing back my emails. I'll resend the problem email and try to get through but if you have a hotmail.com or msn.com email address and don't get back a reply/receipt from me then don't be too alarmed. It looks like I'm getting emails in ok - just my replies having trouble getting back out.


If you have an alternate email address you can send me please do that and I'll reply there if I have a problem with your primary email address.




Update: I have a hotmail acct that I may use if I keep getting bounces on my regular one so if you see an email from RTGRuss@hotmail.com that's me B) The normal email addresses seem to be working ok on receiving email so please continue to use those as I don't check the hotmail acct on a regular basis.

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