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Spliting Fleets


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If i want to take a fleet and split the ships in to 2 fleets, the orignal fleet and a new fleet how would i go about that? the orders suplament does not seem to contain a way.


Thanks in advance!! :drunk:



It is in the 'SN Orders Supplement v250'. Look under New Fleet , and Reorganize Naval.



Here's the procedure, anyway:


#1. NEWF, [ fleet# of the original fleet ], [ fleet# of the newly created fleet ], [ Name (if any) you want of the newly created fleet ]


#2. RN, [ fleet# of the "from fleet" ], [ fleet# of the "to fleet" ], [ name of the ship(s) you want to transfer ], [ quantity (amount) of ships you want to transfer ], etc. Repeat till you've transfered all the types, and amount, you want (maximum of 24 different types of ship, per RN order).


Input "FUEL" in the last box (#24), of the RN order, if you want the fuel to be split proportionately, between both fleets, with respect to their total fule tankage. Leave it blank, if you want the newly transfered ships to take all the fuel they can, with them.

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