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Hi Guys,


We've been having problems lately, as many of you have no doubt noticed, with non-gamers registering board IDs then spamming the board (trolling for email addresses, posting spam links, etc.).


I've been deleting the topics and the board IDs as soon as I see them in the hope that the individual(s) would get the hint and give up (it can't be a terribly effective way to spam given the registration process). Unfortunately it has persisted.


Accordingly, I've changed the registration process so that all new Board IDs have to be approved by me before they become full members (with posting privileges, etc.).


This shouldn't affect most of you but if you are a new player to the forums (or a veteran player setting up an alternate board ID) there will now be a delay after you register before you'll be able to enjoy the full privileges of board membership. I'll be notified of all registration requests by the board via email and, in most cases, I'll know a legitimate one when I see it so valid registrations should be approved within a day


If you experience any problems getting a board ID approved just contact me via email and we'll get it worked out.


Take care and good gaming!



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