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Who Is Spongebob Squarepants

Guest Spongebob

So who is Spongebob Squarepants?  

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Never met Miraeng.

But his posts in other games are of the same length as you're post.



If not..


please don't kill me Miraeng.. :angry2:

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:o Well, I can safely say it's not me :angry2: . Infact, I recall SBSP Identity steeling ways and his true identity may not even be up there (even though he say's one of them is him). I see, that of the three votes so far, he's thought to be Miraeng. Both are equily annoying yes, but the accent anc be read in the post and I belive SBSP to be british and "M" to be austrailian (or new zealand). you would almost have to have a split personality...... :blink: Nevermind, forgot who we were talking about here. Ok, I guess it's possible then. I didn't vote, I don't think his "TRUE" identity is up there <_<.

lil Patton :cheers:

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Miraeng is definitely harder to live with than SpongeBlob. I think they are two of a kind with SBSP toned down for kiddie time. In 77, there is a thread where most of the players seem to be offering a bounty on Miraeng. This has not happened to our beloved Sponge, but might be overwhelmingly popular if Barney or Pee Wee Herman show up. I vote Miraeng.

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In the game where we first saw the sponge he took such heat that he said he would no longer post under the sponge. Next thing you saw was the creation of the character Patriot X. Patriot X is definately the Sponge.


Definately not Predator as that is my sign on for game 72.

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At least on is my true Identity but who? And please state your reasons why?



I'm guessing that the Sponge is a fellow Aussie.

I say this because he has used terms that are in general use in Australia.

Also the average Aussie bloke soaks up beer like a sponge.

If you're ever in Darwin, Sponge, I have a supply of home brew that will rock your socks (except that we don't wear socks in Darwin in the Wet season, just a shirt or T-shirt, shorts and thongs.

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