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Hey there my feared friends and beloved enemies!


This one´s for you Sponge - member of category II. :P


When I saw the following clip I just felt I had to post it for all of you guys.

But of course especially for the Sponge so he might have something to laugh in these hard days for him :)


Clip "Adolf - I´m sitting in my bunker"


Disclaimer: :oops:

It is meant in a completely funny and kind of-self-ironical way but anyhow if there is somebody among you who might feel offended by a comic-video clip about "Adolf" and his last days in the Bunker in Berlin in 1945 then simply do not click it and leave. It does not state my own or any other special or political issue as far as I can see - it is free of Nazi-symbols or stuff - so its just fun. If there is somebody among you who still might feel offended by the clip simply do not click it and leave. Thx for your understanding.


To all others: Have fun watching it!


Here is a translation of the text (since it is made by a famous German Comic Artist) - perhaps print it out and read it while listening...


Now enjoy yourself! (Clip-link is at the end)






Adolf –

I´m sitting in my bunker...



Berlin, April 30th of 1945


The world is on fire, Germany

destroyed to ashes and debris,

and Japan is also not well-off



But one man is not letting things getting

him down…


In the “Führerbunker” (Adolf´s main bunker in Berlin)

the lights are still burning…


Music :

(I tried to keep the translation fitting to the music)


I´m sitting in my bunker

in the middle of Berlin,

I got prussic-acid caps(~ulates),

And enough gasoline...

The airforce is gone,

also navy and army,

the second world war

is no fun anymore…


Capitulation? No, I don´t think much of it,

I got above me 3 meters of steel-concrete!

Capitulation? No – No ! I still got <Blondi> (the dog)

And a bottle Chantré…


(Dialogue with chorus in the mirror):

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig

go capitulate finally!

A.: No!

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig…

A.: You only thought I would capitulate…!

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig

go capitulate finally!

(A. sitting on his “throne”):

A.: I do never capitulate!

Chorus: Adolf, you pig!


(view outside the bunker)

A.: I am with 53 nations at war,

and they don´t bomb England

but “Deutschland”…

These allied bomber-squadrons nerve!

not because they throw bombs,

but bomb-carpets! (ment: large arial bombardment)

No one listens to me,

Everyone´s at his own will,

behind all this is always “Churchill”!

That hurts, oh that hurts,

but I still got <Blondi> -

and a bottle Chantré!


(in the bathtub with the swimming similies of him singing):

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig

go capitulate finally!

A.: No – I do not capitulate!

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig…

A.: I do never capitulate!

Chorus: Adolf, you old nazi-pig

go capitulate finally!

A.: No way this “Churchill” will be laughing at me!

Chorus: Adolf, you pig!

A.: No! This Churchill! I do NOT capitulate!

I do Never capitulate! Never!

(hitting the water sinking the swimming pets..)

blubb blubb…


A.: hmm what a mess…

<wau wau wau>

A.: It´s ok Blondi, It´s ok Blondi,

Yes, we will not capitulate…

No fear! We will perhaps

win the war finally…

(again outside the destroyed Berlin…)

I think so…

I am also quite confident…



(when the cast is written on the screen):

A.: Ah – now the cast ....

Walter Moers …

hmmm…so so...

Stop! Stop! That is too fast!

Get back! Do it again!


It is all in English ?!



GFP …? (actually the production company of the clip)

(he assumes:)

<Großer Führer Punker> –

probably mis-spelled… :cheers:


END :drunk:



To the Clip:




feel free to leave a comment (of course a positive one :D )

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