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My windows comuter broke down and I'm changing over to a MAC. Does anyone know if there is a program out there I can input my turn, etc. using OS-10?


I use a Mac with supernova, unfrotuantly as far as I know there is no mac version of the turn editors however you have 2 options:


You can get Virtual PC, which allows you to run Windows either in a window or full screen on your MAC, you can pick-up a copy of virtual PC 5 with windows 98 or virtual PC 6 with Windows XP quite cheaply on ebay.


Alternativly if your buying a new mac with the intel core duo, you can install your version of Windows on the mac and chose whether to start up in MAc OS or in windows, its a program supplied by Apple called Bootcamp.

all the new Macs can now be run as windows machines as well as a proper mac.


Both methods work well, I actually prefer running the Virttual PC then swithcing over to the fully windows PC on my Mac :]

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