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Calling the Pharaonic Guardians


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There seems to have been a flurry of contacts this cycle. Get the diplomatic corps out of the bars and into their formal wear! There is plenty of double speak and smoke filled rooms to attend to. And ignore the guy wearing the cloak in the back of the room. That isn't a dagger, it's a metalic toothpick...



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We just ran into the Pharonic Guardians (been some contact for a while). Our border guards eliminated a left foot fleet with a swift right kick!


I'm missing all the fun it sounds like. Once I settle what's going to happen with The Mk II Fury of Gjor'haan, I really need to try and wind my way towards where I know the EEOC is. We've a mapping fleet in the area.



The Hunting Sisters of the Gosht Kohr

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