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Game 72


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:joker: Congratulations to the victor of Game 72! :blink:


David Ashpaugh - Algeria


Achieved an individual victory with a final average score of 577 victory points!



GM Note:


Guys, I haven't finished updating the Hall of Victory! (doc or website pages) yet but the results for Game 72 were overdue and I wanted to get something out as soon as possible.


Game 72 looked to be a pretty hard fought game with 14 survivors at the end. Total Alliance agreements were a big factor in the final outcome and, as is common, there were situations where nations did not have the same TA groups which really tends to skew the averages (Algeria, for example, had Libya and Egypt as TAs but those nations did not have the same TA group so their average scores were different and Algeria ended up with an individual victory as the sole nation with the highest average score). Also note that inactive nations who are TAs still count in the final average score of a given nation.


I'll have the full Hall of Victory! update available as soon as I can but here is a breakdown of the Victory Pt scoring.


The average scores worked out as follows:


Algeria - 577

Libya - 555

Germany - 550

Great Britain - 550

Iceland - 550

France - 550

Finland - 547

Sweden - 547

Egypt - 521

Canada - 517

UAE - 517

Northern Russia - 514

Saudi Arabia - 502

Syria - 496


The individual scores were as follows:


Algeria - 545

Libya - 600

Germany - 537

Great Britain - 500

Iceland - 527

France - 636

Finland - 518

Sweden - 590

Egypt - 585

Canada - 512

UAE - 521

Northern Russia - 519

Saudi Arabia - 522

Syria - 356




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Hi Guys,


Ok - the latest Hall of Victory can be downloaded from our website: :alien:


Hall of Victory


The Victorious, The Survivors, The Best of the Best and Best Nations pages have been updated on the website as well so check em out :alien:


If you notice any typos, etc. in The Hall of Victory PDF or any of the website pages please let me know so I can get them corrected asap. Thanks!



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