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40 orders

Clan Elder 'Keen

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When exactly does this start? The turn note said the first turn in September. I started planning a 40 order turn before I realized that the next turns are due August 27th and process on August 29th. So do we have one more 30 order turn before the change?


Thanks for this change- I think it will make single order empires much more comfortable.

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You can go to www.yahoogroups.com and do a search for SN_ROTE. It should give you a single group. Just click on the SN_ROTE link and follow the standard Yahoo!Group membership instructions from there. If you are already a member of another Yahoo!Group the membership part is even easier.


If you have any problems contact MadMartin, he's one of the Group Moderators. B)



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The change from 30 orders/turn to 40 orders/turn will go into effect on the 1st turn cycle in September (Sep 10th). The change was intended to celebrate the one year anniversary mark for SuperNova - we gave folks a little advance warning so they could plan accordingly.



Here is a reprint of the reply I made to that question on the SNROTE discussion list - I should have echoed it here, my apologies. I'll put up a note in the Galactic News section as well.





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