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Ground Transport ship WC Assault Cruiser commander "nobody" sat at in chair bored. His crew had slept most of the way but as the ship approached the front lines the crew (and it's leader) had woken up and strated prepping the ship for an inspection by the Grand Admiral. There deep in the double warp jump the screens flickered and Nobody saw ennemy blips. His slow response allowed the enemy to fire its plasma weapons but the Assault Cruiser's force shields absorbed the damage.


The three main siege phase shakers opened up and both enemy ships vaporized in the first salvo.


Combat over.



WC Assault Cruiser (War Cruiser - 1,380,000 tons) [integrity: 1,197,000 / 1,197,000] [shields: 245,735,385 / 250,000,000]

(Green, Timid)

5,000 Cargo Bay, 150,000 Fuel Tankage, 1,000 Mk IX Force Shield, 200 Mk VI Antimatter Engine

1,000 Mk VIII Computer System, 1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 3 Siege Phase Shaker, 23 Troop Berthing

Gravitonic: 105,600,002

Maneuverability: 37.10, Missile Defense: 50.00 %

** Battle Damage Assessment Report **

-------------------------------------------------- DepLoc 3 ------------------------------------------------------------

**DESTROYED** [1st] AUXL PILUM 4W (Light Auxiliary - 1,000 tons) [integrity: 0 / 2,300] (Green, Resolute)

100 Fuel Tankage, 1 Mk I Nuclear Engine, 1 Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive, 700 Standard Hull Plate

Maneuverability: 0.30, Missile Defense: 3.70 %

**DESTROYED** [2nd] SC Syracusa (Star Cruiser - 1,669,000 tons) [integrity: 0 / 8,459,240] [shields: 0 / 700,000] (Green,


4,000 4cm Gatling Gauss Gun CIDS, 1,000 6cm Gatling Gauss Gun CIDS, 1 Battle Imaging System

3,000 Cargo Bay, 50 Fuel Shuttle, 120,000 Fuel Tankage, 315 Heavy P-Cannon, 25 Mk I Long Range Sensor

25 Mk I Medium Range Sensor, 50 Mk I Short Range Sensor, 5 Mk II Computer System, 1,000 Mk II Force Shield

3,338 Mk II Fusion Engine, 1 Mk III Jump Survey Sensor, 1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 350,000 Selenite Battle Weave

1 Survey Lander, 1 Type A Science Lab

Plasma: 5,544,000

Maneuverability: 4.00, Missile Defense: 42.60 %, Sensors: 3.00 %

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