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New Hope


The Whisper Empire had escaped through the portal in the Excelsior Colony ship. Weapons fire from the enemy ships damaged it beyond repair. Hurtling toward an unknown planet it crashed in the snowy regions of the freezing planet. Computer systems took control of the colonist mental and biological components to keep them alive. Many years later a rogue comet awakened an embedded program causing a robotic research system to be activated. It began to fight against the aggressive computer system finally winning the freedom of the biologically manipulated colonists.


The commander of the colonist looked down at his twisted form. He started giving orders to an entire planet of colonist. The sleep stasis caused many mishaps in orders. :blink:


Turn 1:

Commander Koralis reviewed the progress report in front of him. He howled as his claws hit the table in frustration. How could his administrators be so inept. He continued to read his printouts.



Due to disruptive storms on the planet no production was conducted accept for underground-automated production. (I forgot to build anything) :(



Our scholars have completed 1st Generation Planetary Engineering.



Three pathfinders warped into three systems.



Successful Builds: Hydroelectric Powers Plants, Lumber Mills, Iron Mines, Crystal Refinery, Water Purification Plants, Precious Metal Mines, Petrochemical Refineries, Chemical Refineries, Light Metal Mines, Gas Refinery, Meat Packing Plants, and Hydroponics Gardens (I forgot to disassemble enough industrial complexes and wasted numerous orders argh) :blink:


Turn 2:

Commander Koralis grins now that he has direct control of his resources using his scholars to manage with greater efficiency. He smiles as he looks down at the reports from his now functional computer. Workers scurry around him making improvements to the information network. He ponders how the empire will use these new technologies.



Increased efficiency resulted in iron, steel and cargo bays to be built in great number. <_<



Our scholars have completed 2nd Generation Space Science, Super Conductor, ESP Deluder, Howler Bomb, Telekinetic Blaster, Laser Rifle, Light Drone, Mk I Field Hospital, MK I Interceptor Missile, Mk I Short Range Torpedo, and Mk I Standard Missile. :(



Three pathfinders successfully navigated the warp point and did systems scans of three systems and three warp points. :blink:



Successful Builds: More Hydroponics Gardens, Coal Mines, Ghuran Refinery, Grain Mills, Rare Herbs & Spice Farms, Fiber mill and many facilities.


Ship Construction:

9 pathfinders were scrapped.


Turn 3:

Waiting patiently.

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