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Game 81 Started


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Hello all,


The wait for the next game of Victory! is over and Game 81 is starting :blink:


Game 81 is a regular game (15 day cycle) and the first turn is eligible on November 3rd, 2007.


The game is full at this time :(


It is possible that another nation might become available (an early drop) - I'll post updates to this thread if a nation comes available. Available nations can be picked up anytime prior to the beginning of Tech Period 3 (when the fighting starts).


For those of you who have received setup printouts - check your tech and privacy options (just to make sure I didn't miss something or make a mistake) and let me know as soon as possible if I need to make any corrections. If your situation has changed and/or you have decided not to play the position you received for any reason - please let me know as soon as possible and I can try to put another player into that position. Thanks in advance!


Best of luck to all!



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