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Flak Reduction Note


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Hi Guys,


A bug was brought to my attention in a recent battle (Game 74 in this case).


In cases where an army force had a very high air defense the flak reduction formula was incorrect and could result in an enemy tactical air strike coming in with no flak reduction at all and with an incorrect tactical strike rating as well. The correct number of aircraft were being shot down on the way in, etc. but the resolution vs ground units was incorrect.


The air defense values required to trigger this were very high so this would have been fairly rare (years have gone by without any reported problems). I've put in a correction for this so future battles should use the correct flak reduction figures - it's possible that some past battles against very heavy AAA defenses have gone by unnoticed so take care if you are attacking a known target with such defenses as the results could differ from something you've experienced in the past. The vast majority of attacks (anything calling for a flak reduction of less than 73% or so) have been correct so only targets with very heavy air defenses were affected.


I was able to correct retroactively in the Game 74 situation but please note that I can only go back so far and any past battles that may have been affected but have not already been reported will most likely have to stand as is. Building heavy concentrations of AAA/Flak divisions was the only easy way to encounter the problem (that's a little more common with neutral positions but rare with player positions).


Take care and good gaming,



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