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Great news everyone!

The 3 Stooges are alive and well!

Larry is living in Morocco, Curley is in Spain and Moe is in Portugal.

And the latest rumour is that those loveable scallywags are thinking of moving to Algeria!

Aren't they just hilarious?

The world is desperately in need of laughs and those clowns have come along at just the right time to fill that need.

We look forward to reading about their madcap adventures in Battle Reports and Recent World Events.

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G'day Dezertcamel

Yes, I am playing Algeria.

What about you?

So anyway Trendsetters, Moe has made it to Algeria!!!

That rascal joined the navy and made a clandestine landing at a remote spot.

What will happen next?

Will Larry be the next stooge to make it into Algeria?

Or will it be Curley?

Will the 3 stooges be re-united inside Algeria?

Gosh, you could cut the tension with a knife!

This is rivetting stuff!

I'll bet all you Trendsetters out there can hardly wait to see what happens next!

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  • 9 months later...

Press Release



The Portuguese Ministry of the Arts and Theater is pleased to announce an ambitious film retrospective now playing in Algeria. The cinematic spectacle titled “The Return of the Three Stooges” has been welcomed by the citizens of xAlgiers with sold out shows.


Sadly, it was reported that the Presidential Box was vacant during opening night. It would appear that the recently departed Algerian Royal Family encountered difficulty securing funds to buy tickets.


With the success of this film series, the Ministry is preparing for a new release titled “The Best of the Three Stooges”. It is scheduled to be opened up in other North African Capitals in upcoming months. Given the projected demand we believe that advanced ticket sales should be strongly recommended to all serious patrons of the arts.




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Does that mean that the Algerians have been kicking the c*&p out of the 3 stooges for a YEAR???!!!!! :robot:


Excuse me, but doesn't 3 v. 1 suggest that may, just maybe, the Algerians were overwhelmed SOLELY by NUMBERs and not skill? :lol:


I am just astonished! :oops:


Good luck King of Algeria... keep the good fight (and please let me be on your side in the next game!) :ranting:


Ace Reporter

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Ace Reporter,


I don't know if you are ignorant or if you just want to twist facts.


For your information, there have been 6 nations fighting in Algeria over the course of the game in a ratio 3:3 and everybody has shown how to play a skilled game.



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Hello All,


Bystander in Game 70, but I had to comment on this... Great subject line, btw....


OK, I have to agree that Spain-Portugal-Morocco seem to be less than stellar players.... I mean, come on, it is much easier for attackers invading than for allies trying to assist unless they attack the invaders which doesn't seem to be the case here...


Hang in there, Des, with these guys as your enemies there isn't any reason to ever give up!

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G'day Blokes


Whilst I appreciate the words of support from Ace Reporter and Ghost In The Machine, Hersir has made a very valid point.

Unless you have been following the Algerian theatre very closely, it is difficult to comment knowledgeably on the comings and goings of the combatants.

Basically, Algeria got the jump on Morocco and invaded.

But I failed to take the city of xCeuta.

This was absolutely critical, as it would have prevented Spain from ferrying ground troops across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.

The second blunder occurred when a Tunisian army trapped a larger Spanish army in the city of xBayadh.

Again, it was critical that a further Tunisian force conduct a MGF to re-inforce the besieging army.

Incredibly, the MGF command was entered incorrectly and the re-inforcements didn't make it.

At that point, Algeria was lost.

Both sides have been employing skill, subterfuge, tactics, force (both real and apparent) and bluster in this war and I have great admiration for my opponents' ability in Victory.

And let's not forget, I started it!!!

So let's have only informed comments from the sidelines please, not derogatory ones, otherwise the Three Stooges and I will come around to your respective places and kick your arses clear into the next country.


Happy Gaming


Des Feeney

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