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Hi Guys,


A heads up on Game 84 - I'm setting it up today but with a surge of registrations (often happens when a game gets close but it really happened this time) I've got 50+ folks looking to get into a 40 player game :beer: I wish everyone the best of luck but regardless we're going to get a fair number of bumps on this one...not so great if you were hoping to get into 84 and are one of those bumped but at least we'll have a good start on 85 and I normally add a small bias so that bumped folks have a little better chance of getting into the next one (may not help if you are trying to get a single popular nation and nothing else but usually every little bit helps).


I realize that the suspense on whether or not you made it in will start building as soon as you see this post so I'll do my best to get the setup finished and out the door as fast as I can today - best of luck to everyone!



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