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Access Database vise Excell


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I use Access 2000.


I have saved a copy of my database at http://geocities.com/batkins23/

I haven't put much thought into what you would have to do to modify it for your use. The only thing I can think of so far is that you need to modify the properties of the linked tables to point to your turn results .mdb from Rolling Thunder.


There is a macro that imports some data from the turn results mdb. It uses those linked tables to get at the data. There is a little problem with importing warp points for systems that you haven't SS'd yet. (You just SURVeyed and WARPed through a warp point, arrived at a new warp point, but haven't SS'd that new system yet.) The macro can't get those, you have to use the input Form instead.


Let me know if you have questions about it.

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