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Game 77


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:nuke: Congratulations to the victors of Game 77! :woohoo:


Southern Russia - Steve Graves

Syria - Michael Burchard


Achieved an alliance victory with a final average score of 637 victory points! :beer:



GM Note:


Guys, I haven't finished updating the Hall of Victory! (doc or website pages) yet but I wanted to get this info out today. It was a close game with the alliance of Canada, Iceland and the Unite States coming in a close second with a final average score of 624 victory points.


I'll have the full Hall of Victory! update available as soon as I can but here is a breakdown of the Victory Pt scoring.


The average scores worked out as follows:


Canada - 624

Egypt - 536

Greece - 521

Iceland - 624

Portugal - 313

Southern Russia - 637

Syria - 637

United States - 624


The individual scores were as follows:


Canada - 603

Egypt - 596

Greece - 475

Iceland - 654

Portugal - 368

Southern Russia - 665

Syria - 608

United States - 615




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Hi Guys,


:woohoo: The latest Hall of Victory can be downloaded from our website: B)


Hall of Victory!


The Victorious, The Survivors, The Best of the Best and Best Nations pages have been updated on the website as well so check em out :beer:


Special mention goes to: :nuke:


Maarten Verwaal - Iceland: Now the # 1 Iceland in Best Nations

Steve Graves - Southern Russia: Now the # 1 Southern Russia in Best Nations

Donald Ernst - United States: Now the # 1 United States in Best Nations


Norbert Beerse - Canada: Now # 1 on the "Top Twenty Largest Final Navy" in The Best of the Best



If you notice any typos, etc. in The Hall of Victory PDF or any of the website pages please let me know so I can get them corrected asap. Thanks much!



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