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Skyron News Service has sent the following for immediate release


The capital today confirmed that we have lost contact with an explorer in the Janelon system. All 75 crew and Ranger De Leon are presumed dead. It was also stated that the last image was of a very large vessel with the image of "Bloody Fangs on a Sable Field" firing some sort of unknown weapon system after which all communications with the 150th Exploration Fleet were lost.


The Ali-t-akua asked for all citizens to remain calm. He said "this event was many systems away from our home world. We have always approached our neighbors in peace and invited those who wish to join our confederation. This may have arisen from a misunderstanding. Our scientists have hypothesized that a tranlator failure may have led to this tragedy."


All ali'i are hereby recalled to the home system to discuss what next steps to take.

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The Imperial Palace today issued this release


As the result of our contact noted earlier in the week, we have been able to communicate with the race who opened fire on one of our ships. Mounstrous though they may appear to our eyes, tehy appear to be highly intelligent and have apologized for the error that led to the destruction of our vessel. Apparently they were exiting a war zone and mistook our exploration vessel for one of the combatants. They opened fire due to our proximity to the Warp Point concerned that they were about to attack.


All military units are to stand down until further notice. We are back to status White.

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