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El Capitan

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Thanks Pete!


I'm extremely pleased with your decision to implement cargo loss with the PCG and UG. These are very powerful items and should be quite costly to use. And I completely agree with your assessment of their use. If an empire finds the costs too high for their particular situation, they can always resort to shipping goods the old fashioned way --- with cargo bays. :thumbsup: I was also glad to hear that the gate has been closed on those that were abusing the bug.




Expanding more of the weapon lines was also a nice surprise. The game will be more interesting now that everyone won't be running around with the same 3 or 4 weapon systems.




And thanks for the detailed info on the upgrades. It puts everyone on the same page and should go a long way toward keeping frustration levels down. I'm sure not everyone will be pleased with all of the changes, but the steps you've taken the past couple of turns to upgrade the game and keep us informed should be appreciated by all.



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I only hope, that the bug is also squashed where Gate losses kicked in while transfering goods on the same planet via Transportation centers, but a Universal Gate was present.


The activation of the loss code was a nasty surprise. Now I have to research Mk II and oward :thumbsup:


Otherwise :unsure: on the changes.

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