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The Turn Entry Program and Windows Vista?

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First, yes I am still alive, and the cats are doing relatively well.


I recently purchased a new Windows machine, and stupidly let them talk me into a Vista install rather than the Windows XP Home I was thinking of when I walked through the door. Silly me.


I've -most- programs I need working on this computer now. The one I'm lacking is the SNROTE turn entry program. I've tried a clean install from the RT FTP site, yet every time I try to run the thing, I get an odd "RICHTX32.OCX is missing or broken" message. Having discovered that this is a somewhat common problem for Vista, I followed the directions available online for repairing this.


No luck. Still getting the message, still unable to run the turn entry program.


ANY assistance, short of "Wipe the System and get Windows XP installed" comments are most welcome! I spent my money on the hardware, which I am happy for. And it does a fine job with World of Warcraft and Second Life...



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Did you run the Setup.exe from inside the snrote folder? You cannot just unzip it.


If so, try searching for richtx32 on this forum. I think there is some information under tech support with a link to getting an updated version of the ocx file registered.


I have been running the order entry program for nearly 2 years in a Vista environment and after installing it runs fine.

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My problem has been solved! Thank you to those who posted! I had neglected to run the SETUP.EXE file.




Glad that worked and also glad your cubs and their protectors are doing well.


From what I've read, despite purchasing Vista, you may be well ahead of us XP users when it comes time to upgrade to the next MS bugware, I mean operating system. You may eventually be glad about your choice. Then again, maybe not. Who knows with Microsoft.

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