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Hi Guys,


I've set up this forum for Project Victory! discussion. At this moment I'm not sure if this is going to be our top priority or whether we'll be able to recover and get the original Victory! running again. Hopefully it will be the latter so we can take a little more time on this project but, regardless, I think we should get started here so that have an option if the final news isn't good and an eventual successor if the final news is good.


My only guidelines at this moment are that we'll be keeping the original map and that we want the stuff that works. Victory! has it's quirks but it's been a great game so we don't want to throw out everything and start from scratch. Fixing quirks, making the game a little eaiser to manage and play, adding new features, units, etc. are things that we want to concentrate on.


Thanks in advance for the input and assistance!



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Things have been glacial slow on this project but I'm hoping to pick up the pace (before Victory! players get too restive and come after me with pitchforks...)


Accordingly, if you have any ideas that you want me to consider (things you love and don't want to see changed, things you hate and do, new ideas, etc.) please put them together and send them to me via email so I can look them over and take them into account. As things go along some ideas may be put here on the forums for additional discussion or I may ask for volunteers to help out with certain things. Any and all help is appreciated.


Take care & good gaming!




P.S. On an operational note - please do not take this as a sign that Victory! II is imminent and that you should hold off and wait for it. I'll do the best I can but RTG finances are already tight and players dropping games and/or waiting for a new version surely won't help the effort. Please continue to play your Victory! positions and sign up for new games when you can - we don't have a pile of cash stockpiled and need game income to stay alive. Thanks in advance!

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