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Hi Guys,


Ok - with Victory! back online we have to look at how we are going to catch up on processing days since Victory! turn dates are based on real world time. The normal schedule you've been used to has been for Sat/Sun turns to go out on a Tuesday, Mon/Tue turns on a Wednesday, Wed/Thurs turns on a Friday and Friday eligible turns on Saturday.


The schedule I'm proposing will condense things a bit from what you've been used to but it will get us caught up and back to normal by the end of January. Here are the proposed processing dates


Turn Eligible Day------------------ Actual Processing Day


December 21st-----------------------December 30th (Wed)

December 22nd----------------------December 31st (Thur)

December 23rd & 24-----------------January 1st (Fri)

December 25th-----------------------January 2nd (Sat)


December 26th & 27th--------------January 4th (Mon)

December 28th----------------------January 5th (Tue)

December 29th & 30th--------------January 6th (Wed)

December 31st---------------------- January 7th (Thur)

January 1st-------------------------- January 8th (Fri)

January 2nd & 3rd------------------ January 9th (Sat)


January 4th------------------------- January 11th (Mon)

January 5th & 6th-------------------January 12th (Tue)

January 7th--------------------------January 13th (Wed)

January 8th & 9th--------------------January 14th (Thur)

January 10th-------------------------January 15th (Fri)

January 11th & 12th-----------------January 16th (Sat)


January 13th-------------------------January 18th (Mon)

January 14th & 15th-----------------January 19th (Tue)

January 16th-------------------------January 20th (Wed)

January 17th & 18th-----------------January 21st (Thur)

January 19th-------------------------January 22nd (Fri)

January 20th & 21st-----------------January 23rd (Sat)


January 22nd-------------------------January 25th (Mon)

January 23rd & 24th-----------------January 26th (Tue) [back to normal schedule]

January 25th & 26th------------------January 27th (Wed)

January 27th & 28th------------------January 29th (Fri)

January 29th--------------------------January 30th (Sat)


This gives us three weeks where we'll be running turns for 9 processing days (and one week with 8 processing days) instead of the usual 7 so things will be accelerated and a little more hectic for the next couple cycles but then we'll be back to normal. This isn't set in stone but plan on it for now (in particular note that any turns for December 21st need to be in fairly soon so I can run them on the 30th). If you are going to be running a little late for a given turn, etc. just let me know and I'll do what I can to work it out, backdate turns when possible and/or give you a little more time.



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Bolded days done...
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Hi Guys,


January 20th and 21st turn results just went out so if you were in that group you should have them soon :(


January 22nd turns are due to process on Monday (23rd) so please get any turns in for that processing day as soon as you can if there are not already in. Jan 23rd and Jan 24th turns are due to process on Tuesday (24th) so we'll be back to the normal Victory! processing schedule at that point...whew :taz:


Thanks much!



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Hi Guys,


January 22nd turn results just went out so if you were in that group you should have them soon :taz:


Starting tomorrow (26th) we'll be back on the normal Victory! schedule :blink: so...


Turns eligible for processing on Sat/Sun go out Tuesday, Mon/Tue eligible turns go out Wednesday, Wed/Thurs eligible turns go out Friday and Friday eligible turns go out Saturday.


I know we'll all be glad to get back to a normal schedule for Victory! :( Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation during the excitement of the last month or so :blink:


I've got enough registrations in hand to start a new game of Victory! so I'll be getting to that soon (in fact, we may have some overflow and/or guys that won't make it into Game 88 for one reason or another so a Game 89 is pretty certain at this point. After Game 89 we'll see where we are on Victory! II and decide if we should plan for a Game 90 or wait for the first Victory! II game.


Take care & good gaming!



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