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Game 80


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:cheers: Congratulations to the victors of Game 80! :cheers:


Algeria - Charles G. Clark

Portugal - Charles John Beierle

Spain - Ken Rozhon

Tunisia - Scott Schwieger

United States - Tom Eigel


Achieved an alliance victory with a final average score of 590 victory points!


The latest Hall of Victory can be downloaded from our website:


Hall of Victory!


The Victorious, The Survivors, The Best of the Best and Best Nations pages have been updated on the website as well so check em out


Special mention goes to:


Tom Eigel - United States: Now the # 1 United States in Best Nations :(


Looks like Game 80 was a pretty hard fought one with heavy fighting right up to the very end. 15 nations survived and another five-nation total alliance (Austria, Baltic States, Sweden, Finland and Germany) wasn't far behind with an average score of 554.


If you notice any typos, etc. in The Hall of Victory PDF or any of the website pages please let me know so I can get them corrected asap. Thanks much!




P.S. A few more guys will put us over the top and get Game 89 going so put together a registration form and get it in ASAP if you aren't already on the list. What's the worse that could happen?... :):taz: It's far more likely to be the start of a glorious new campaign that leads to victory, top rankings and universal acclaim from your former enemies... :robot:

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