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Christmas 2010


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Hi Guys,


With Christmas falling on a Saturday this year there will be a small change in the processing schedule.


Turns for a Dec 22nd/23rd processing date will still process and go out as usual on the 24th (Friday). Turns for the Dec 24th processing date (which would normally go out on Saturday) will go out out the following Monday (27th) instead. Turns for the Dec 25th/26th processing date will go out as normal on the 28th.


So, just a change for turns with the Dec 24th processing date - going out on the 27th instead of the 25th. In order to give folks who might be waiting for intelligence from Dec 24th turns a little more time I'll push processing on the 28th (for Sat/Sun turns) into the evening (no sooner than 6 PM my time - instead of the usual 11 AM my time guarantee) so you'll have a little more time to get in Sat/Sun turns.


Hope that all makes sense :rolleyes: If you have any questions just let me know.


Best wishes and happy holidays to everyone!




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